What we do

To respond appropriately to your understanding and operational needs.

Boistered by our experience in qualitative studies and our co-creation reflex, we build methodologies fine-tuned to your needs and to your scope of action (deadlines, budget).

Qualitative research grounded in creativity, strategy and internationality

Neove’s roots are deeply immersed in the qualitative approach.

A well-tested and innovative approach:

  • Acquired over a couple of decades through constant interaction with varied people coming from multiple consumption universes.
  • Based on the renewal of our investigation methods through a permanent research conducted by our team. First and foremost, the reneval we look for relies on moderation which we believe is the focal point of any efficient qualitative approach.

Hence, our moderators are always analysts. Constantly focused on the strategic objectives of the research, they make assumptions while they moderate, bouncing off the consumers’ ideas and insisting on how each of them see things.
To maximize the consumers’ involvement, to wake up their creativity and have them express their hidden mental representations, they use a broad palette of creative tools and rich stimuli.

Neove’s qualitative analysis is both deep and focused, aiming at uncovering strategic, forward-looking insights, capable of driving change or redeployment.

Neove’s fields are designed to intensify closeness with local cultures:

  • In France, fields happen in medium-sized towns as well as in regional capitals.
  • The consultancy team travels to the research fields, gets immersed into the local culture and moderates in many languages (such as English, German, Italian, Chinese, Polish…).
  • UA tried and tested network of partners in the USA and throughout Europe, Asia and Africa.

Our tools

Neove Consumer Connect

Consumer Connect

Half-way through a study/innovation process and a training session, NEOVE coaches in-house staff members so they get «ACQUAINTED WITH REAL LIFE». This happens through direct immersion into the consumers’ environments.

Consumer Connect is a mentored experience, concentrated within a short time and designed to make the immersion of a dozen staff members smoother:

  • Fieldwordk organization on the basis of your brief:discovery of a new target, of a product usage, understanding the profiles of the competitors’ users.
  • A 2-hour training to interview methods and discussion guide one week prior to the interview at your office → your staff gets involved into the research of informations.
  • Each trainee is coached by a NEOVE market researcher over half-a-day (usually tn the morning) and gets a personal debrief
  • Collective analysis of the findings moderated by a NEOVE director in the afternoon → understanding the consumption environment, of the consumers’ profiles, identification of insights, findings about brands…
  • Deliverables in the form of a condensed, report, illustrated with photos
Neove Nos Offres - Communaute en ligne

Online communities

Getting to know your consumers through a digital interface appears particularly appropriate for the following types of studies:

  • Exploratories that focus on a consumption environment: you are invited to share the consumer’s intimate experience, you can see through his eyes: products at home or «on the go». ,brands’ discourses in their selling environment plus the actual consumption experience. Self-paced, stepping into the shoes of a reporter, the consumer comments on what he or she sees or does, adding photos, films, close-ups on packaging details…
  • Concept definition and positioning: understanding what is behind a product discovered in the form of a mockup or of a packaging rough.
    Thanks to the analysis of «astonishment points», of learnings, of photo-languages or photographs posted by consumers all the way through their usage journey, NEOVE enables the emergence of insights, ranks the arguments and fine-tunes the reasons-to-believe.

NEOVE monitors the field on the basis of a customer file provided by the client, in close cooperation with a platform provider. Neove’s teams moderate and analyze the outputs with the same tools they use for classical qualitative research.

The communities formats vary from 5 to 15 days. They can be repeated over a year with the same target. It is also possible to couple them with classical fields.


Neove partners with eYeka, a crowdsourcing consultancy with a community of 300 000 creative people from all over the world to run collaborative innovation processes that renew drastically the creative vision of your teams and of your agencies.

Such collaborative processes work particularly well for:

  • The renewal of « classical » products discourses.
  • The identification of new insights and the invention of products.
  • Packaging and advertising design.

Along a project management approach, in close connection with a Project-Pilot appointed by the final client, we join forces with your in-house teams at several stages:

  • The innovation brief: defining the innovation process, the deliverables constraints and assessment criteria.
  • The co-writing of the brief addressed to the creative community.
  • The content analysis of the community’s deliverables over three weeks.
  • The moderation of collective intelligence workshops aiming at the appropriation, optimisation and finalisation of the solutions produced.
Neove Nos Offres - Crowdsourcing
Neove Nos Offres - Ateliers

Collective intelligence workshop

Backed by a 25-year experience in the fields of Creativity and Innovation methods , the Neove team escorts you all the way through the design and the moderation of problem-solving workshops.

Our moderation methods are designed along the following pattern:

  • The immersion of the creative actors, on the basis of synthetized, illustrated learnings and of analogical examples.
  • The alternance of «deviation phases» that rely on projective techniques and of «convergence phases» aiming at looking closely at the solutions imagined by the creative team.
  • The research of an internal consensus via a ranking of the selected solutions, for example through an online community.

Cooperation with partner-consultancies

To better support these Innovation Dynamics, we partner with your consultancies (strategy, communication, packaging) from a co-creation spirit.

  • Creating jointly research and innovation methodologies through the supply of learnings stemming from the synthesis of previous researches.
  • Organizing pre-tests of mockup or advertising projects to guide the final creation.
  • Sharing your vison to validate a concept, a packaging, a communication strategy.
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