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Our values


agile methodologies

Neove Icone Animer avec conviction

Moderating from an informed,
exacting and generous perspective


Analysis that relies on
thoroughness and intuition

Our approach, in close connexion with you:

Sharing your challenges and your culture. Cross-fertilizing our understandings to dig out meaningful insights.
Staying personally committed throughout the entire process and engaging ourselves in operational recommendations.

A multidisciplinary team, flexible and responsive

Pascale DOR PDG Neove

Pascal Dor, founder (1982). Has directed studies for advertisers. Also trainer in creativity and innovation methods. President of the Adetem’s (*) « Club Cosmetique »

(*) Adetem is the Leading French Marketing Professional Association

The consultancy team

Has worked for consultancies or advertisers. Has a 15-year solid experience in strategic marketing. All bilingual and from different nationalities

Diverse backgrounds

From marketing and business strategy, psychology and litterary studies to engineering . Experts that complement earch other.

Expertise fields

International fieldwork, moderation of creativity or innovation processes, semiology

We keep on renewing our investigation methods

Neove Mode d'investigations

From approaching consumers directly, in real life, to remote interviewing via digital platforms, in France and abroad. From ad hoc recruiting to building up recurring panels (such as experts, influencers, bloggers, sale staff panels…).

Variable-geometry innovation processes and methods

Neove Process

From single-day workshop moderation to year-long innovation processes that involve multiple staff categories within a company.

From looking for innovative directions stemming from your innovation platforms to the re-framing of your researches through input-sourcing and inspiring benchmarks.